Benefits of the Automotive Service Associate Program (ASAP)

Benefit About How it will help you!


TeamXtremeTech has been supplying IT and mechanical remote assistance directly into diagnostic and programming tools since 2011. Their USP is flexibility in adapting to situations and customizing solutions for the vehicles ASPs work on. ASPs often face challenging situations while accessing vehicle information in a timely fashion. TeamXtremeTech is offering ASAP associates 3 tokens which can be used to trouble shoot problems, recommendations on proper repair processes or even find out what tool is required to accomplish the task at hand within 30 minutes via e-mail.

Notice to Consumers


Where should you take your car for service? There's always the dealership service department but you know it'll probably cost you an arm and a leg. There's also Joe's Garage — right down the street, but can you trust them to do the job right? Customers face several challenges when deciding where to take their car for maintenance and repair. But one thing they should be clear about is that their warranty WILL NOT BE voided if they bring their car to an independent repair shop such as yours. More consumer education awareness in this area is needed. This is where the 'Notice to Consumers' initiative comes in! Display the 'Notice to Consumers' sign to let your customers know that each Canadian province has automotive service professionals (ASPs) who are qualified to service ANY vehicle make and model and that they can choose their own shop for regular maintenance without compromising their vehicle warranty.

Newsletter/Industry Intelligence

Targeted newsletter on relevant industry topics that keep the ASPs on top of their game. Newsletter draws from relevant AIA research and other sources to help in business sustainaibility and profitability. Helps sort through the information noise to provide relevant content in an easy to access format.

Research reports

AIA's research reports provide valuable and functional information to help support aftermarket businesses develop and grow. Research projects are supported and validated by aftermarket professionals and other stakeholders. Reports geared towards ASPs help improve business practices, understand customer behaviours, and stay on top of industry trends. They also support business profitability and sustainability.

Social media support (Be Car Care Aware)

AIA Canada's BCCA initiative is committed to educating consumers about the importance of regular vehicle service and repair and working with the ASPs is a key element in achieving this goal. The resources provided by BCCA are developed to help ASPs educate their customers on how regular maintenance ensures they are driving a dependable and safe vehicle. Many businesses, including ASPs, know the importance of social media, however, they fall short when it comes to creating content. BCCA fills this gap by providing informative content in English and French on social media that they can then re-share/re-post to educate and encourage their customers.

Webinars & educational programs

AIA Canada leverages partnerships with industry organizations and research partners such as NASTF, The Conference Board of Canada, Quorus Consulting, etc. to deliver webinars and educational programs catering to the needs of ASPs. Short, informative webinars and educational programs will help ASPs access information in an easy format without spending too much time and resources on it. This initiative is ideal for forward-thinking ASPs looking to improve business practices, understand customer behaviours, and stay on top of industry trends.

Helpful resources: Cars on Demand | Autoconnex | Video Library

Helpful resources are curated by AIA staff and stakeholders with a view to promote business profitability and sustainability for ASPs. Except for programs developed by AIA such as AutoConnex, AIA does not endorse the content or program in any manner and is not to be held liable for any misinformation.

As business owners, ASPs have several needs that one program or service cannot fulfill. Helpful resources allows you to depend on ASAP to avoid information overload and connect only to those resources that are most useful for your business.

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