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Benefits of the Automotive Service Associate Program (ASAP)

NEW - Team Xtreme Tech

NEWS RELEASE - Very Important Notice - COVID-19

ASAP participants have access to an exclusive remote IT and mechanical assistance program with TeamXtremeTech. Now, ASAP participants can take advantage of TeamXtremeTech’s on-call technicians to help trouble shoot problems, recommend repair processes or even find out what tool is required to accomplish the task at hand—all within 30 minutes.

Log into your ASAP profile to create your TeamXtremeTech account to take advantage of this benefit.

Participants will receive three tokens upon registering. Please note that once registered, these tokens will expire in twelve months.

Please contact for more details.

BONUS! When you take advantage of this benefit, you will have access to the process or wiring diagram from TeamXtreme Tech along with an answer to your question.


Desjardins Financial Services - COMING SOON

Do your customers sometimes find it hard to pay for needed service?  ASAP participants can offer tailored credit plans for customers to arrange easy payments.


FREE Garage Finder service (Trouve Ton Garage)

Need a web presence but don’t want the hassle or cost?  Joining ASAP gives you a free one year membership to Garage Finder. List your garage and your expertise for motorists to find at a glance. Click here.



Take advantage of the aftermarket’s latest and most sophisticated human resource website, offering regional data on compensation, skill requirements, training options and more. Click here.


Be Car Care Aware

Be Car Care Aware is committed to educating consumers about the importance of regular vehicle service and repair and working with the automotive service providers is a key element in achieving this goal. The resources provided by Be Car Care Aware are developed to help you educate your customers about how regular maintenance ensures they are driving a dependable and safe vehicle. Through Be Car Care Aware, consumers will receive the information needed to comprehend, plan, and even foresee their vehicles’ service and repair requirements before work is required. For more information please visit:

CARS OnDemand

Enjoy special access to CARS ON DEMAND training, skills assessment, and the Technical Assistance Centre. Click here.  



Research tailored for automotive service providers

Receive pricing discounts on AIA Canada research products including a focus on the service advisor role and an update of service shop activity and profit benchmarks. Click here.




Notice to Consumers

There are a lot of questions and concerns regarding whether or not vehicles need to be serviced at the dealership. Let your customers know that each Canadian province has automotive service professionals who are qualified to service ANY vehicle make and model and that they can choose their own shop for regular maintenance without compromising their vehicle warranty. Download your copy today or order a plaque for your shop.


Vehicle Programming Updates

The industry’s leading technical experts will provide regular updates on OE programming issues and solutions, a critical factor in diagnosing and repairing modern vehicles.

Upcoming Training Events

Receive discounted admission fees to exclusive training events around the country, geared to management and technical issues facing your shop today. Click here.


Video Library

Get free access to expert videos on training, technical questions and management tips, courtesy of Newcom Media Inc.



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