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Ask any vehicle service and repair shop owner what their biggest challenge is and, most likely, they will say it is finding the right technicians. Labour shortages in the automotive aftermarket industry are not new – there is an abundance of anecdotal reporting that suggests, when it comes to accessing a talented and available workforce, […]

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA Canada) is pleased to announce the release of the 2018 Outlook Study. This report provides a comprehensive picture of the current aftermarket industry, as well as forecasts and trends that will impact the aftermarket in the future. The Outlook Study is an useful tool for businesses, both large […]

The automotive industry is abuzz with talk of technological change. Self-driving cars, autonomous vehicles, telematics – all new technologies that will create massive disruption. The core of this change centers on the convergence of four technologies, ‘Connected’, ‘Autonomous’, ‘Shared’, ‘Electric’ or ‘CASE’ platform, where people will be able to access their mobility cheaply through pay-as-you-go […]

As part of AIA Canada’s 75th Anniversary celebrations, Jobber News and Newcom Automotive Group will be producing a “75th Anniversary Commemorative Anniversary” edition and video for debut at the Gala Celebration taking place on November 24th in Ottawa.  Following the Gala, this commemorative edition will also be distributed across Canada through Newcom’s distribution channel. If […]

Innovation, emerging technologies, disruptors, new mobilities – call it what you will, the fact is, the automotive industry is changing at a rapid pace that will invariably influence the aftermarket sector. Non-traditional players like Tesla and Google have raised the stakes even higher by showing that service industries can also build cars and how! While some […]