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October 28, 2021

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

[WEBINAR] COVID-19 and the Vehicle Owner: Consumer Behaviour & Attitudes


The COVID-19 pandemic impacted industries across the country, and changed the way we live. The automotive aftermarket industry was no exception, as vehicle maintenance and repair was impacted based on substantial changes to vehicle usage. Canadians are currently living a new normal and it is quite challenging to anticipate consumer behaviour and what post-pandemic behaviour might look like.

AIA Canada has partnered with Quorus Consulting Group and In Motion Brands to present a webinar on the behaviours, attitudes and preferences of Canadian vehicle owners related to the impact of COVID-19. Rick Nadeau, the lead researcher will present the findings from the data while James Channer, an industry expert will translate those findings in a way that is meaningful to your shop and aftermarket business.

This free 60-minute webinar will present a compelling story of how small and mid-sized businesses in the aftermarket industry can navigate a post-pandemic new normal.

This webinar is targeted towards businesses in the:

  • Mechanical sector
  • Collision sector
  • Parts supply chain

We will be curating questions for each of the three sectors. The second half-hour of this webinar is dedicated to answering your questions. It is intended to be interactive in nature where audience participation is highly encouraged.

Host: JF Champagne, President of AIA Canada

Speaker & Lead Researcher: Rick Nadeau, President and Founder of Quorus Consulting Group

Rick Nadeau is the President and founder of Quorus Consulting Group Inc. His 27 years of experience spans every level of the market research supplier spectrum. Since the fall of 2008, Rick has been running Quorus Consulting Group Inc., a Canadian market research consultancy through which he has designed and managed hundreds of quantitative and qualitative studies for clients in Canada and abroad. Rick holds a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Ottawa and an M.B.A. from Queen’s University.

Speaker & Industry Expert: James Channer, Co-Founder & COO of In Motion Brands

James has been creating value for hundreds of business owners in a variety of Industries for the past 25 years. As the Co-founder of In Motion Brands, James has continued his passion of service to growing brands within the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. The team at In Motion Brands services businesses of all sizes on how to maximize technology and the latest solutions to create success in every area of their business. From website development, digital marketing, implementation of retail software to strategic consulting and keynote speaking,James is a dynamic leader.



Shamsia Quraishi
Manager, Research and Knowledge Mobilization
Automotive Industries Association of Canada

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