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October 12, 2021

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

AAPEX WEBINAR: Data Sources and Application Amidst an Evolving Economy and Industry


"Big Data" has emerged in recent years as a key input to business strategy. With increasing data sources and computational capacity, the frontiers of data science continually expand. When the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted life as we know it, companies across all industries grappled with collecting data to forecast continually changing market conditions, then pivoting marketplace strategies in real time. Having seen the need for reliable, relevant, and fresh data across all parts of the automotive aftermarket supply chain, Auto Care Association is pleased to propose a moderated panel discussion with industry experts that explores new approaches taken to industry data collection and its application.

This discussion will highlight how organizations across the industry:

  • Re-evaluated data intake – for example, whether new sources, collection frequency, greater fidelity, or other factors were examined
  • Incorporated new inputs into forecasts / strategic planning
  • Refined models / analytical processes throughout the pandemic

This session will benefit analysts, managers, and executives involved with sales, marketing, category management, product development, and corporate development by:

  • Providing "lessons learned" as experienced and observed throughout the industry – what elements worked well and will continue to be used as the economy finds its equilibrium
  • Sharing "best practices" with respect to data collection, analysis, and implementation processes across the industry
  • Shedding light on data resources that may be new, emerging, or unfamiliar
  • Contextualizing data analysis amidst qualitative / gut-level instinct and anecdotal observations


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