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jobsThe automotive aftermarket or auto care industry maintains, repairs and accessorizes vehicles after they are sold to their owners by a car or truck dealer. It includes everyone and everything involved in the manufacture, distribution, sales, installation and repair of motor vehicle products or services after the initial sale. In addition, auto care is an independent industry that also manufactures and distributes parts for OE (original equipment) manufacturers.

Where and how to find auto care industry jobs?

Browse job boards:

  • Sites such as Monster, Indeed and Workopolis.
  • Many auto care companies post job openings on these general sites in order to find qualified candidates.

Explore individual companies’ websites

  • Research companies in your area or the area you wish to reside. The auto care industry has many large, national companies—such as manufacturers, retailers and distributors—that may have many positions listed. Check the companies’ individual websites for lists of open positions.

Visit the company where you wish to work

  • Make an appointment for an informational interview with the hiring professional. Be prepared with a customized resume. Ask about opportunities and explain how you would be able to help the company.

Visit career fairs or centers

  • Check with local college or high school career centers or other organizations that may sponsor career fairs.

Check your local newspaper, chamber of commerce or employment office for listings.

  • Many companies in the auto care industry are small or medium-sized, and may rely on these resources due to the small size of their human resource staff.

Leverage word of mouth

  • Check with friends and relatives who work for companies in the auto care business about openings. Auto care companies like to hire based on personal referrals.

Use search engines, such as Google or Bing

  • Search the title of the job you are seeking along with the words “automotive aftermarket”, “aftermarket”, “auto industry” or “auto care industry.”

Utilize job placement agencies

  • Work with an agency to find the right match for your interest and skills.

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