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Disruptors in the Automotive Aftermarket: Road Map Towards a Sustainable Future (October 2017) ‘Disruptors in the Automotive Aftermarket: Road Map Towards a Sustainable Future’ goes a step further when talking about technological disruptors. Written specifically with the aftermarket industry in mind, it deals with the tough questions. Questions such as, ‘How will these technological changes affect the automotive aftermarket industry in Canada?’; ‘What is the timeline?’; ‘And most importantly, what can the industry do to take advantages of opportunities and avoid any pitfalls?’ But it doesn’t stop there. It provides a clear roadmap for the major segments in the industry, along with a timeline of how this change may occur. This report is a must-have for your business, helping you navigate a changing industry and coming out on top! AIA members: Download your FREE copy via login to your account. Click here to download the FREE Executive Summary. Non-member price: $299 Executive summary is available for free in English and French. [aia_canada_products product_id='16846']

The Changing Automotive Landscape: An Introduction (January 2017) Innovation, emerging technologies, disruptors, new mobilities – call it what you will, the fact is, the automotive industry is changing at a rapid pace that will invariably influence the aftermarket sector.  We are committed to demystifying the new technologies and their possible impact on the aftermarket sector. This report is part of a broader project that is scheduled for this year, where we delve deeper into what these advancements mean for the automotive aftermarket and what would be the best strategies to adopt for your business in this changing climate. ‘The Changing Automotive Landscape: An Introduction’ is FREE for AIA Canada members and for those interested in the automotive industry. Click here to access the Executive Summary. Click here to access the report.

2016_TPP_ENThe Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Automotive Aftermarket (January 2016) The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a yet-to-be-ratified agreement among twelve countries: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam. Although the Government of Canada has agreed to sign the TPP, there is no guarantee the agreement will be ratified. However, if the agreement is ratified, it will lower tariffs on imported auto parts coming into Canada, lower tariffs on Canadian auto parts being exported to TPP countries, and lower the North American content required in vehicles and parts. It is believed that the TPP will not likely have a great impact on the automotive aftermarket. In anticipation of the new Liberal government’s review of the TPP, AIA has a prepared a special SPOTLIGHT research piece on the agreement and its possible impact on the automotive aftermarket. Click here to access the report.

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