Consumer Awareness

In Canada, the legislation that governs warranties is enforced at the provincial and territorial level. While provincial and territorial provisions may not be specific to automotive, they do provide a legal framework to guide merchants and manufacturers, and to ensure consumer protection.

For more information about the statutes that are applicable to your province or territory, please consult the following chart:




British  Columbia 1996 Environmental Management Act
Alberta 2000 Fair Trading Act
Saskatchewan 1997 Consumer Protection Act
Manitoba 2015 The Consumer Protection Act
Ontario 2002 Consumer Protection Act
Quebec 1983 Consumer Protection Act
New Brunswick 1978 Consumer Product Warranty and Liability Act
Nova Scotia 1989 Consumer Protection Act
Prince Edward Island 2002 Consumer Protection Act
Newfoundland & Labrador 2009 Consumer Protection Act
Yukon 2003 Consumer Protection Act
Northwest Territories & Nunavut 1988 Consumer Protection Act

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