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Trade and Infrastructure

AIA believes that the free flow of trade between Canada and the United States is essential. AIA believes that the government should do everything it can to enhance Canada's competitiveness by ensuring there are no barriers to trade, and transitions between countries are seamless.

AIA believes the government should address border issues to ease traffic congestion; and ensure a level playing field in Canada by addressing the issue of offshore imports.

AIA also advocates the introduction of common commercial processing systems with the US.  


The Canadian Manufacturing Coalition is comprised of roughly 50 major industry groups, united by a common vision for a world-class manufacturing sector in Canada. The coalition speaks with one voice on priority issues affecting manufacturers, and what must be done to ensure all Canadians continue to enjoy economic growth, high-value outputs and high-paying jobs. Our member organizations (listed below) represent roughly 100,000 companies and 1.8 million workers, coast to coast.

AIA is a member of the CMC.

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