AIA Canada Government Relations: Looking Ahead

The fight for vehicle owners to have the right to repair their vehicle at the auto repair shop of their choice continues to gain momentum here in Canada and around the world. February kicked off with activity in the United States, which saw federal legislation introduced that would give vehicle owners and independent auto repair shops equal access to repair and maintenance tools as dealerships. The next day, Canadian Member of Parliament (MP) Brian Masse (NDP) tabled automotive right to repair legislation. We also saw the introduction of another Private Member’s Bill by Liberal MP Wilson Miao, focused on the right to repair.  Globally, the European Commission proposed the Data Act. Under the new rules, a vehicle owner would be able to request that their vehicle’s performance data be sent to an auto repair shop of their choice.

AIA Canada remains focused on advocating to governments on two core priority issues: Right to Repair and Labour. Comments have been submitted as part of both the Government of Canada’s and the Government of Ontario’s pre-budget consultations. We are calling on governments to help the industry keep pace with technology. Financial support will help employers provide their workers with frequent training and to purchase up-to-date tools and equipment, while right to repair legislation will ensure independent shops can continue to service new vehicles.

We need your voice! If you are interested in meeting with your MP to discuss the right to repair, AIA Canada is pleased to arrange the meeting for you and provide you with any support that you need. Please contact Alana Baker, Senior Director of Government Relations by phone at (613) 299-4017, or by email at