HR Toolkit

Written with the automotive aftermarket industry in mind, this first-of-its-kind HR toolkit is perfect for the hiring needs of small and medium sized businesses across Canada!    

Table of Contents

Introduction (Downloadable)

Before you hire (Downloadable)  

Section includes: Hiring Best Practices, Job Description Best Practices, Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace, etc.

Ready to hire? (Downloadable)  

Section includes: Talent Sourcing Options, Fair Recruitment Practices, Questions to Avoid During a Job Interview, etc.

• [TEMPLATE] Top 50 Interview Questions (Downloadable)

• [TEMPLATE] Reference Check (Downloadable)

After You Hire (Downloadable) 

Section Includes: Get to Know Your New Hire, S.M.A.R.T Goals, etc.

• [TEMPLATE] New Hire Checklist (Downloadable)

• [TEMPLATE] One Month Check In (Downloadable)

• [TEMPLATE] Three Month Check In (Downloadable)

• [TEMPLATE] Performance Feedback (Downloadable)

Inclusive workplace (Downloadable) 

Section includes: How to Promote an Inclusive Workplace, Employment Standards, Health and Safety Legislation, etc.

• [TEMPLATE] Inclusive Workplace Checklist (Downloadable)

• [TEMPLATE] Discrimination in the Workplace Policy (Downloadable)

• [TEMPLATE] Workplace Harassment Policy (Downloadable)

• [TEMPLATE] Workplace Violence Prevention Policy (Downloadable)

• [TEMPLATE] Social Media Policy (Downloadable)

• [TEMPLATE] Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy (Downloadable)

• [TEMPLATE] Absenteeism & Tardiness Policy (Downloadable)

• [TEMPLATE] Business Conduct Policy (Downloadable)

• [TEMPLATE] Confidentiality Policy (Downloadable)

• [TEMPLATE] Dress Code and Personal Hygiene Policy (Downloadable)

Take care of employees (Downloadable) 

Section Includes: Employee Recognition, Happy Holiday Planning!, etc.

Disclaimer: This toolkit and templates are provided for AIA Canada members and industry stakeholders. Users are encouraged to download and use these products as they are, or as a starting point for their own initiatives. AIA Canada assumes no responsibility for the enforcement or effectiveness of the toolkit and templates. The human resources information and recommendations contained in the toolkit are based on seasoned, best practice field experience and should not be construed as legal advice.