AIA Canada reinstates the Automotive Service Provider Council

In an effort to ensure that the entire aftermarket industry has a voice in AIA's government lobbying efforts, AIA has reinstated the Automotive Service Provider (ASP) Council. The ASP Council aims to bring together the automotive service provider sector with the aftermarket parts manufacturing and distribution networks in hopes to develop inclusive and comprehensive strategies to address industry concerns such as skilled labour, emerging technologies and market trends.

Although there had been an ASP Council in place in the past, we believe that it is time for its reinstatement and for increased support for automotive service providers. The ASP Council will be comprised of representatives from regional and provincial service provider associations, major retailers, and business information groups of major warehouse distributors. It will also have 2 open spots for any independent service provider who would like to apply to participate. AIA will play an administrative and support role, ensuring that meetings are well-planned and that results from meetings are reported to the AIA Industry Relations department and the Board of Directors.

For more information, contact France Daviault at (800) 808-2920 ext 223 or email her at