Add Item to Cart and Proceed to Checkout: AIA Canada’s Latest Report Reveals How Online Shopping Will Affect the Automotive Aftermarket

The internet and online retailers have changed the way Canadians shop for just about everything. Clearly e-tailing is here to stay, but have Canadian consumers expanded their online shopping habits to include the purchase of vehicle parts and fluids?
In AIA Canada’s latest report, What’s in Your Online Cart? A Study of Automotive E-tailing in Canada, we surveyed over 2,000 Canadian consumers to understand their purchasing behaviours when it comes to their cars and what this means for the aftermarket sector.
Our findings reveal that:
  • Online purchases of parts and fluids has nearly doubled since 2016;
  • There is no single website dominating the online automotive retail scene despite the presence of giants like Amazon, Costco, Canadian Tire and Walmart; and,
  • Online shopping might end up hurting the ability of independent repair shops to build real-world customer relationships.
This report is part of AIA Canada’s Consumer Behaviour Series. This series includes the already released report, Under the Hood: How Canadians View Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, as well as upcoming releases on the topics of in-vehicle data, and choosing a service provider.
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