New Vehicle Safety Inspection Standard Effective July 1, 2016

Road safety is the ministry’s top priority and it is imperative that the ministry’s inspection standard for passenger vehicles keeps current with safety innovations.

As a result, on July 1, 2016, the Ministry of Transportation is introducing a new safety inspection standard that will modernize the inspection of passenger and light duty vehicles in Ontario for all Safety Standard Certificate inspections.

Vehicle technology has changed considerably over the last 40 years and standard features including items like Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and airbags are not covered in the current inspection standard. These systems save lives, reduce injury and assist in preventing collisions, but only if they function properly. Individuals purchase vehicles with this technology to protect themselves and their families and they need to know that it works.

The new Passenger/Light Duty Vehicle Inspection Standard is considerably more comprehensive, technically up-to-date and more user friendly than the existing standard and was developed in collaboration with industry stakeholders. The new standard includes a more comprehensive inspection of vehicle components directly related to the safe operation of the vehicle. In addition, every vehicle will be road tested to enable the detection of safety concerns which may not be found while the vehicle is stationary. The new standard will also provide consumers with a report of the vehicle condition at time of inspection to better inform them.

A summary of the major changes is available on our website at:

The full list of changes is available at:

Over the last several months, the ministry has held in-person and online information sessions across the province leading up to July 1, 2016, in an effort to ensure that station owners and technicians are prepared for the upcoming changes.

A final online session is scheduled for June 29, 2016. If you are interested in attending please register by clicking here.

Click here to download this important information for vehicle owners notice.