Upcoming Report!

We're partnering with the Conference Board of Canada to release a report on the economic impact of industry disruptors.

In 2017, AIA Canada released a report that outlined the potential impact of CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric) on the mechanical and collision sectors. In this follow-up report, with research support from Conference Board of Canada (CBoC),we'll seek to answer two questions:

  • What are the economic impacts of these automotive disruptors on the aftermarket?

  • What are the impacts for labour in this sector?

The report draws on existing literature to benchmark the current CASE platform and presents three scenarios on how the economic and workforce impacts play out in the industry.

These research findings can prove to be a valuable arsenal for any aftermarket business looking to adapt to the upcoming technological challenges in the industry.

The report is planned for a late October release. Sign up to receive a copy of the report.