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Right to Repair

October 6, 2021

AIA Canada’s J.F. Champagne spoke with CBC Calgary’s automotive columnist, Paul Karchut, about why the right to repair is good for consumers and aftermarket.

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Why we should be concerned about our car data

May 10, 2021

AIA Canada President Jean-François Champagne spoke with CTV Northern Ontario to talk about the importance of vehicle data and spread the word about the Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice. movement.

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Independent repair shops seek more information

December 16, 2020

CTV Toronto's consumer alert reporter, Pat Foran, looks at the question of vehicle data ownership and what it means to the consumer's right to choose.

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Who owns your car’s data? Not you.

November 26, 2020

If you’ve bought a car in the last seven or so years, the reality is that your vehicle manufacturer owns your car’s data — not you.

Data ownership is a hot topic for social media platforms, but is increasingly important for the automotive sector. 

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What your car knows about you — and what it's telling others

October 19, 2019​

Data is improving car safety and comfort but privacy advocates want more transparency about where it's going.

For generations, marketers told us one can learn a lot about a person from the car they drive. Now, it's the cars that can tell manufacturers a lot about the people who drive them. 

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