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President's office

Name Title Email Phone Number
Jean-François Champagne President and CEO jf.champagne@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2222
Ayah Stretch Executive Assistant and Governance Officer ayah.stretch@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2231
Maude Giroux Manager, Regional Division maude.giroux@aiacanada.com (514) 299.5502


Name Title Email Phone Number
Stuart Klein Vice President, Collision Programs stuart.klein@aiacanada.com (416) 836.3399
Tanya Scheidl Director, I-CAR tanya.scheidl@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2244
Katelyn Young Team Leader katelyn.young@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2250
Pamela Fraser Senior Coordinator, Collision Programs pamela.fraser@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2242
Sophie Meunier Collision Sector Coordinator sophie.meunier@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2282
Elise Bulhoes Collision Sector Coordinator elise.bulhoes@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2234
Ornella Mukele Senior Coordinator, Collision Programs (CCIF) ornella.mukele@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2211
Maruk Ahmed Project Coordinator, Collision Programs maruk.ahmed@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2295


Name Title Email Phone Number
Kalli Foster Manager, Events kalli.foster@aiacanada.com (613) 315.3528
Alyssa Munro Events Coordinator alyssa.munro@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2286

Finance and operations

Name Title Email Phone Number
Ibti Ridha Vice President, Finance and Operations ibti.ridha@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920
Zoe Zhou Finance Manager zoe.zhou@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2255
Rosa Azizi Senior Operations and Membership Coordinator rosa.azizi@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2224
Emma Shi Senior Finance Officer emma.shi@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2235
Chenqu Zhong Senior Finance Officer chenqu.zhong@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2228
Lucy (Yanchun) Xie Finance Officer lucy.xie@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2286
Enaya Serhane Finance Officer enaya.serhane@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2251

Government relations

Name Title Email Phone Number
Alana Baker Vice President, Government Relations and Research alana.baker@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2287
Innovation in Automotive Training program
Name Title Email Phone Number
Beth Steel Project Manager, Innovation in Automotive Training beth.steel@aiacanada.com 1 (613) 246‑4078
Susan Ramroop Senior Project Coordinator, Innovation in Automotive Training susan.ramroop@aiacanada.com 1 (226) 228‑2847
Micaela Korb Senior Project Coordinator, Innovation in Automotive Training micaela.korb@aiacanada.com 1 (226) 962‑7542
Larry MacDonell Program Coordinator, Innovation in Automotive Training larry.macdonell@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920
Bronwyn Lee Program Coordinator, Innovation in Automotive Training bronwyn.lee@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920

Marketing and communications

Name Title Email Phone Number
Brendan Mullen Vice President, Digital and User Experience brendan.mullen@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2241
Chloé Devine Drouin Director, Digital Marketing and Communications chloe.devinedrouin@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2240
Sebastien Guindon Graphic Designer sebastien.guindon@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2233
Gabriel LeBlanc Digital Marketing Coordinator gabriel.leblanc@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2280
Emily Reed Content and Media Coordinator emily.reed@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2220


Name Title Email Phone Number
Grace Moreland Manager, Member relations grace.moreland@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2283

Research and knowledge mobilization

Name Title Email Phone Number
Shamsia Quraishi Manager, Research and Knowledge Mobilization shamsia.quraishi@aiacanada.com (800) 808.2920 ext 2226

Park N Fly Benefits

How the program works

  • Members select their departure city from the drop-down menu
    1. Choose Valet or Self-Park where applicable
    2. Enter their outbound and return dates
    3. Click find your rate
    4. The rates will automatically load
    5. Print a copy of the coupon
  • When exiting the lot
    1. Scan the printed Park’N Fly coupon at the Self-Park pay station
  • If members are using a Valet location
    • Hand a copy of the printed voucher to the agent at check-out or give them the discount code 1120313 once the code is entered by the agent the rate will automatically append to the AIA Canada rate program.
  • Discount Code 1120313
  • At check out members simply scan their pre-printed coupon the Valet or Self-Park pay station
  • When exiting the lot
    • Select form of payment
      1. Credit card
      2. Debit card
    • If they have any difficulties simply
      1. Manually enter 1120313 at the pay station and the rate will be applied
    • Scan the Park’N Fly ticket