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The car care industry is a constantly changing, fast-paced industry that offers fulfilling careers and competitive salaries. It is a huge industry with jobs available in all segments, room for growth and a wide array of choices for both those who are looking to jumpstart an exciting career or change career paths. Car care is a global industry that offers many opportunities and fosters portable skills you can take with you to any position. Below are examples of dynamic career choices available to you in the auto care industry. Select your preferred career below to learn about the position and the opportunities that are waiting for you in the auto care industry. Executives | Sales and Marketing | Support Staff | Shops & Training


The automotive aftermarket is made up of small, entrepreneurial companies, large multi-national corporations, and everything in-between. If you’re a strategic thinker, enjoy networking, aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions and enjoy the challenge of turning a group of employees into a team of top performers, then a job as an executive in the automotive aftermarket is waiting for you.

Sales and Marketing

Whether it’s the companies that supply them or the automotive repair shops themselves, to be successful every company in the automotive aftermarket needs a team of creative minds behind them to come up with campaigns to introduce a new product to market, promote their brand, draw attention to their products key features and benefits, and devise social media strategies that increase demand for their product or service.  If you’re creative and have an innate ability to simplify complex ideas and communicate them to others, can think outside the box, love to work to deadlines, and like the idea of playing a significant role in your employers success, then think about an exciting sales and marketing career in the automotive aftermarket.

Support Staff

When most people think of the automotive aftermarket, they think of the repair shop where they take their car to get serviced or repaired. But before a service technician can replace an oil filter or broken axle, that part first needs to be manufactured, shipped to a warehouse and then sold and delivered to the shop.So whether you’re just starting your career, or looking for a change in direction, the next time you find yourself at a repair facility, think about the thousands of people standing behind your repair technician who take pride in making sure you and your car get back out on the road as quickly as possible – and ask yourself, “Which department will suit me best”.

Shops & Training

Auto repair technicians are responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of a wide variety of motor vehicles. If you have an obsession with all things automotive - or maybe you just have a knack for problem solving - consider a career as an automotive repair technician. While it can be a difficult job at times, it’s also a highly rewarding one.




Service and repair

Industry-wide positions

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