Technician - Works with traditional hand tools as well as high-level technology to perform both basic and complex repairs. Uses computerized shop equipment to diagnose and conduct repairs on sophisticated automobiles.

  • Automotive Master Technician - Diagnoses more complex problems and executes vehicle repairs. Has knowledge of integrated electronic systems and complex computer systems as well as traditional hand-crafted tools.
  • Automotive Technician - Inspects, maintains and repairs automobiles and light trucks that run on gasoline, electricity or alternative fuels. Performs basic care maintenance. Uses databases and available equipment for vehicle repair and maintenance. Diagnoses and repairs problems with the vehicle. Uses a variety of testing equipment, including hand-held and onboard diagnostic computers or compression gauges. Follows a checklist to ensure that they have examined every critical part of the vehicle.
  • Specialty Service Technician - Transmission technicians, tune-up technicians, automotive air conditioning repairers, front-end mechanics, brake repairers, crash repair specialists
  • Diesel Service Technician - Works on diesel-powered trucks, buses and equipment.

Customer Service - Creates a pleasant and welcoming environment for the customer and establishes a lasting relationship with them.

  • Customer Service Consultant - Writes repair order and is the first point of contact with customers. Makes sure that customers are receiving good service at every point of contact with the technicians. Tracks all vehicles and work order flow at all times. Works with technicians on customer service.
  • Automotive Service Manager - Oversees customer service consultant and handles customer complaints and service issues.

Management - Maximizes the efficiency, revenue and productivity of the service department and achieves the highest level of customer satisfaction.

  • Shop Manager - Oversees daily operations of shop including schedule, workflow and customer service. Conducts customer follow-ups regarding vehicle repairs and assists the customer service consultant with any service issues that arise.
  • General Manager - Oversees operations for a single store or for multiple store locations. Oversees profit and losses, human resources, marketing and financial operations for the shop. Makes purchasing decisions and oversees the hiring and terminating of employees.

Owner - Performs work of vice president, division vice president, chief (operating officer, financial officer, intelligence officer, executive officer), president.

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