AIA Canada: Your partner to ensure success in the auto care sector 

December 13, 2023

In the constantly evolving Canadian auto care sector, being informed and getting ahead of the curve is not just wise but also necessary to ensure successful business practices. The Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA Canada) is the voice and resource leading innovation in Canada’s auto care sector. 

With research, data, and forecasts, we keep Canada’s auto care sector informed of current trends and challenges. Our mission goes beyond that, though—by bringing pertinent issues, such as labour challenges and the right to repair, to policymakers and the public eye, our advocacy aims to ensure that the sector has long-term success. 

Attend exclusive industry events 

We host numerous events throughout the year, keeping in mind different locations, interests, needs, and budgets. Our events are excellent for networking and collaborating but go beyond that—they are platforms for in-depth discussions about current industry trends and challenges.  

From national conferences with industry stakeholders across the nation, to webinars about labour market challenges, consumer behaviours, and industry data that can help businesses make informed decisions for the future, all of this is available to AIA Canada members. 

Be in the know about right to repair legislation 

Modern, web-connected vehicles collect thousands of data points, many of which pertain to the vehicle’s health. Independent auto repair shops cannot service modern vehicles without access to this data. AIA Canada is at the forefront of advocating for right to repair legislation in Canada, ensuring that independent auto care shops have access to data and that Canadian consumers can access safe and quality repairs.  

Most recently, our work helped pass Bill 29 in Quebec, which guarantees consumers the right to repair their automobiles wherever they choose—not just at the dealership. At a national level, we are leading efforts on Bill C-244 to mandate automakers to share vehicle data with all repair shops chosen by vehicle owners. At AIA Canada, we will always continue to advocate for the industry’s future success. 

Valuable data and reports  

AIA Canada collaborates with industry-leading data experts to produce reports that keep our members informed and aware of current and future trends in the industry. You can stay ahead of the curve, anticipate changes, and position your business to benefit from emerging opportunities with insights provided by our reports. 

Addressing labour challenges 

Finding and retaining skilled talent has been a recent challenge in the auto care sector. AIA Canada is tackling this issue nationwide. We facilitate the connection between auto care shops and schools in Manitoba, we offer speaking opportunities for auto care professionals at vocational training schools in Quebec, and we create networking opportunities for students and professionals at Student Aftermarket Day at the Automotive Business School of Canada in Ontario and at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Alberta.  

In addition, AIA Canada has partnered with the Government of Ontario and three Ontario colleges to provide free automotive training for those looking to explore a career in the auto care sector, or for current licensed automotive technicians and senior apprentices looking to increase their electric vehicle (EV) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) knowledge.  

By attracting new talent, as well as up-skilling current workers, we aim to alleviate the labour shortage and ensure solid futures for auto care businesses across Canada. 

Member benefits 

AIA Canada members can experience perks beyond industry advocacy and industry knowledge. Enjoy benefits and discounts on various services, such as car rentals, golf fees, and parts shipping.  

Being an AIA Canada member provides you with the necessary resources to remain a key player in the auto care sector. As a member, you receive unparalleled access to industry data, reports, and exclusive opportunities to attend industry-wide events that connect you with industry stakeholders and expand your network. Joining AIA Canada is not just a membership—it is a strategic business decision to ensure the sustainability and success of your business.  

With our commitment to industry advocacy and exclusive resources, AIA Canada is your partner in navigating Canada’s auto care sector. Learn more about being a member today. 


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