Canadian Repair Coalition issues a statement in response to automakers utilising auto theft to counter right to repair legislation

March 26, 2024

As we continue to advocate on behalf of the auto care sector to achieve fair and open competition and consumer choice in the vehicle service and repair industry, AIA Canada’s Vice President of Government Relations and Research, Alana Baker, is an active participant of the Canadian Repair Coalition working group. The Canadian Repair Coalition (CanRepair) is a grassroots organization made up of Canada’s auto care sector, and other businesses, educators and not-for-profit organizations fighting for the right and ability to repair, who has released the following statement in response to manufacturers who are hiding behind scare tactics to restrict repair data for local shops and car owners.  

As Canada grapples with the ever-concerning rise in automotive thefts tied to organized crime networks, broader themes of security, innovation, and the accountability of industries in the digital age have emerged.  

Claims from vehicle manufacturers that allowing the right to repair will perpetuate car thefts and work against their efforts to keep vehicle systems secure are reflective of a revolving strategy of deflection, denial and distortion, rather than addressing the root causes of vulnerabilities. Similarly, considering a ban of cybersecurity testing devices like the Flipper Zero without a thorough understanding of their functions and benefits, is counterproductive. 

The right to repair is about ensuring independent repair and service technicians have access to necessary data strictly for the diagnosis, service or repair of a product. If providing independent technicians with access to necessary vehicle data would compromise security, this suggests that the vehicle was not designed with security in mind from the outset. 

By pinning the blame on external factors, manufacturers are diverting attention from their own shortcomings in securing products against theft and other forms of unauthorized access. While offering a temporary reprieve for the industries in question, this strategy does a disservice to consumers, policymakers, and the broader ecosystem of innovation and security.  

Manufacturers must be held accountable for the security vulnerabilities of their products, and there needs to be a clear delineation between security measures and the legitimate interests of interoperability, repair, and research. 

Security through obscurity is not good enough for Canadians. It is imperative that we demand evidence-based policy-making that distinguishes between legitimate security concerns and unfounded fears.  


About the Canadian Repair Coalition 

The Canadian Repair Coalition (CanRepair) is a grassroots organization which seeks to bring together Right to Repair advocates from across the country.  

CanRepair includes individuals, businesses, educators and not-for-profit organizations who are fighting for the right and ability to repair.  

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