Five steps for a contaminant-free refinish

September 21, 2022

Contamination is a visible defect caused by particles that land on the surface of the refinishing material. There can be a number of different sources of contamination, but some of the most common are not properly cleaning the surface, using a dirty air hose, too much air flow in a paint booth, and dirty spray equipment.

Here are five simple steps to a contaminant free refinishing job.

  1. Clean the paint booth regularly to minimize the number of particles in the environment.
  2. Keep filters clean to ensure proper airflow in the booth.
  3. Blow off and clean the vehicle with the recommended cleaner, before wiping it down with a tack cloth to gather contaminants off the surface before refinishing.
  4. Clean air hoses before the refinishing process. Air hoses can collect dirt and other materials over time, and a dirty hose can spray contaminants through the fluid tip or air cap onto the surface being refinished.
  5. Clean the spray gun before using it.

Finally, paint suits covered in particles like metal shavings or dirt can also introduce contaminants to a finish. Use a freshly cleaned or new paint suit, gloves, and PPE for each refinishing job.

Following these steps can help keep your work area clean, providing you with the environment you need to provide complete, safe, and quality repairs. Look to I-CAR Canada for the training you need to maximize the quality of your refinishing jobs.


Park N Fly Benefits

How the program works

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    3. Click find your rate
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    5. Print a copy of the coupon
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