Full house at the AIA Canada Quebec Division golf tournament  

May 31, 2024

The AIA Canada Quebec Division golf tournament, which took place on Thursday, May 30, was completely sold out. A total of 144 golfers enjoyed taking part in the first event of the season, which attracted players from all sectors of the auto care industry. An additional fifteen people attended the cocktail and dinner. 

During the dinner, Élisabeth Lambert, the president of AIA Canada’s Québec division, thanked the organizing committee for this seventeenth edition as well as the attendees for coming in such large numbers today. 

Thanks to the generous contribution of sponsors from the industry, the committee was able to ensure a dynamic course. In fact, various skill contests offered participants the opportunity to compete for prizes during the evening. 

Élisabeth went on to review the activities of the Quebec division for this year. The year began with the Grand Forum du Québec whose theme addressed the labour challenges facing our industry. In February, the division also hosted the AIA Canada Day event, where they simultaneously visited 10 Vocational Training Centres, reaching over 1,000 students. In addition, in collaboration with the AIA High Five for Kids Foundation, Raymond Savard Scholarships worth over $5,000 were awarded. Élisabeth thanked the participants and mentioned that the generous donations made during the golf tournament in 2023 enabled this scholarship to be awarded.  

“The achievement of the objectives of the Quebec division, including that of reaching the next generation, inevitably requires the contribution of all the key players in our industry. Your attendance at the many events we host ensures our success and makes all the difference. And for that, our industry says: Thank you!” 

She also took a moment to mention the importance of the Association and the benefits of being a member. The challenges are great. Next generation. Training. Right to repair. These three fundamental concepts require everyone’s commitment to make a real difference to ensure the prosperity of our industry. 

If you want to get involved in the right to repair movement: 

  • Send our pre-populated letter to the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Commerce and the Economy to make your voice heard and raise awareness urging the government to pass Bill C-244 without delay. 
  • Sign up to become a grassroots champion to actively participate in our advocacy efforts. 
  • Make a financial contribution that will contribute to our ability to come before the government and lobby for a right to repair law. 
  • Send our pre-populated email to your MP to let them know the importance of the right to repair legislation. 

If you want to get involved in the next generation: 

  • Join the Career showcase on November 20 at the Georgian College School of Automotive Business Canada (ABSC) 
  • Submit your application to participate as a speaker at vocational training centres in Québec for AIA Canada Day. 

AIA Canada continues to proudly represent, support and encourage innovation in the Canadian auto care sector to industry stakeholders, government, politicians and the media. 

I am AIA Campaign 

Annie Desmarais, a volunteer on the AIA Canada Québec Division Committee and in charge of the “I am AIA” campaign that has been underway since December 2022, added a few words about this campaign to promote industry players. 

“The “I am AIA” campaign is an inspiring project that highlights the diversity of our industry. Through your varied stories and experiences, we show that this sector is rich in career paths and open to all, whatever your ambitions. Whether you’re passionate about tech, sales, or management, there’s a place for you. There are many career opportunities and our goal is to demystify the industry and show that it is accessible to everyone, regardless of your background.” 

She also invited the guests to scan the QR code on the posters placed on each table to show their interest in sharing their journey through this campaign. 

If you are interested in participating in the I am AIA campaign please submit your application

Investing in the future of the industry 

Finally, an amount of $4,500 was raised in Raymond Savard Scholarships during the tournament and will be donated to the AIA High Five for Kids Foundation, in order to provide scholarships locally to mechanical and collision students at our vocational training centres over the next year. 

Thank you to Mathieu Côté, Mario Comtois, Natasha Akhavan, Annie Desmarais, Jean Falcon and André Latreille for being part of the organizing committee for this year’s tournament and thank you to those who attended the 2024 AIA Canada Quebec Division golf tournament! For a report of the event in pictures, visit our Facebook photo album


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