Motivated by inspiring others: Élisabeth Lambert 

March 3, 2024

As part of International Women’s Day 2024, AIA Canada is recognizing women from across the auto care industry, highlighting their experiences, achievements, and success in their careers. Throughout her career, Élisabeth Lambert has championed women in the industry, promoted inclusivity, and aims to show why working in the auto care industry is so rewarding.  

Élisabeth Lambert, owner of Pièces D’Auto Joliette

Now the Owner of Pièces D’Auto Joliette, Élisabeth Lambert got her start in the industry through happenstance while working at Pièces D’Auto Joliette. As her mother had also previously worked there, Élisabeth knew the place and its people well. When she received her university degree in marketing, employment opportunities were not as plentiful as they are today. So, when her mother retired, Élisabeth took her place as an accounting clerk for the Robillard family. While the job was not directly in her field of interest, the family business the Robillard’s had built up appealed to her enormously.  

“In my head, this was temporary. While it was an interesting job, I had my studies in marketing, but I took the job because I really liked the company and the people. So, here I am, almost 14 years later, owning the store and loving it and the industry.” 

Élisabeth recognizes the challenges in the industry, such as supply chain and labour issues due to the pandemic but meets them head-on. She has learned to react quickly, and facing these challenges only motivates her more to succeed. 

“These challenges can be exciting. They are not always necessarily positive, but in the end, you always get something when you look back.” says Lambert. “Challenges 14 years ago were completely different than they are today. For example, before they were centred around technology, and recently, they have been focused on supply chain and labour issues.” 

In addition to being an owner and general manager, Élisabeth is the first woman to chair the Automotive Industries Association of Canada’s (AIA Canada) Quebec Division. Through her work with AIA Canada, Élisabeth aims to inspire students to join the auto care industry through AIA Canada Day, an annual event where industry professionals travel in vocational training centres across Quebec and talk about career journeys and opportunities in the industry. 

While this event is aimed at men and women alike, Lambert is proud to say that she has seen an increase in women coming into the industry because there has been more promotion and education about career opportunities across different schools. 

“Our industry is not as well-known as it should be—we should talk about it.” 

With her unique path to entrepreneurship, the importance of a clear vision, an appetite for risk, and a passion for inspiring others, Élisabeth Lambert will only continue her success and involvement in Canada’s auto care industry. 

About Élisabeth Lambert 

Élisabeth Lambert is a general manager and owner at Pièces d’Auto Joliette in Joliette, Quebec, as well as Chair of AIA Canada’s Quebec Division. Throughout her career, Élisabeth has been heavily involved in the auto care industry, speaking on overcoming challenges, entrepreneurship, and carving out unique career paths. 


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