Never a dull moment in an everchanging aftermarket: Spotlight on Georgia Ludwig

March 8, 2022

They say time flies when you’re having fun. If that’s true, then Georgia’s aftermarket career has been a blast! After sixteen years in the industry, Georgia understands how diverse and dynamic the automotive aftermarket is and wants others to know that, too.

Georgia Ludwig

National Account Manager, Energizer Holdings, Inc.

Years in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry: 16

How long have you worked in the automotive industry? How many of those years are in the automotive aftermarket?

I’ve been in the automotive industry for 16 years. Wow, that seems like a long time, but it’s really flown by. I’ve been in the aftermarket the entire time, and there has never been a dull moment. I started as a Business Analyst for Honeywell – who owned FRAM, Prestone and Autolite at the time. Several years and a few acquisitions gave me the opportunity to work in a variety of different roles within sales and marketing with all three of the brands. It has been a great experience so far and I look forward to my years to come in the industry.

Have you had an industry mentor?

I’ve worked with a lot of great people over the last 16 years. I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to have been surrounded by so many intelligent, supportive, and interesting individuals – many with very different personalities. Pretty early on I realized that the greatest mentor isn’t one person, but pieces – the best qualities and characteristics of the people that have been a part of my journey. I try my best to be consciously aware of the characteristics that I like and admire in others and to try to integrate those qualities into my own behaviors. The great part is that there is always someone new, with a unique and interesting insight and approaches, which means that there is always an opportunity for me to grow.

What does your participation in the Young Professionals in the Aftermarket (YPA) Committee mean to you? What would you like to see us as a committee achieve in years to come?

The automotive aftermarket is ever-changing. It’s not the same today as it was 10 years ago, and it won’t be the same as it is today, 10 years from now. It’s a slow change – or maybe it’s fast, I guess it depends on what aspect you’re looking at. The biggest challenge is letting people know the diverse opportunities that are available within the industry. I love the support that the YPA Committee gives, not only to people looking to get into the industry, but also to individuals who just entered. YPA Committee is a great resource and advocate to attract and maintain future talent.

What advice would you give someone either starting in the industry or looking to transition into the industry?

The automotive industry is so diverse – I don’t think everyone realizes that. It’s much more complex than just traditional vehicle service and repair. There are opportunities within so many different fields within automotive and so much room for growth – no matter what your personal strengths and professional/career goals. I think AIA Canada would be a great resource to anyone new to the industry. Follow them on social media and look for ways to engage with individuals or with events or activities.

About Energizer Holdings, Inc.

Energizer Holdings, Inc. is a global manufacturer and distributor of the top brands in household batteries, portable lights, automotive appearance, automotive performance chemicals, automotive fragrance, and automotive refrigerants. We are committed to creating innovating products that make life easier and more enjoyable for our consumers and we do that by fostering an inclusive and diverse culture where colleagues feel a sense of belonging, feel listened to, are included in discussions, and are valued for their contributions. Our focus is on innovative solutions that help us win with our customers and consumers, which is why our brands are ranked #1 or #2 across the globe.

Find out more about careers at Energizer Holdings, Inc.


About the Young Professionals in the Aftermarket 

Young Professionals in the Aftermarket (YPA) is an Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA Canada) committee comprising of young executives, of 45 years or younger, in the Canadian auto care sector. The Committee’s mandate is to ensure the future growth and prosperity of the aftermarket industry.  



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