Spotlight on Ariane Martin: Versatility and knowledge a key to success 

April 4, 2024

Ariane Martin, a young entrepreneur from the Eastern Townships who owns two car parts stores, credits part of her business success to her ongoing education and acquisition of industry knowledge and abilities. Ariane has put a strong emphasis on lifelong learning and developed a versatile skill set to keep a competitive edge. Her exceptional customer service has also helped her stand out. She is passionate about the profession and always on the look out for new opportunities. 

Ariane Martin, Richmond Auto Parts and Valcourt Auto Parts

Did you plan on working in the auto care industry? 

Not quite, I knew I wanted to own a business, but I didn’t know in which area. Four years ago, the opportunity to open my first parts store came to me unexpectedly. Growing up with a father who owns a mechanical workshop, I always had an interest in cars. This field is an integral part of my reality, of who I am from a young age. But now, I can honestly say that I have a genuine passion for this industry ever since I bought my first parts store. 

What company do you currently work for and what is your job? 

I am the proud owner of two auto parts stores, namely Richmond Auto Parts and Valcourt Auto Parts. At the age of 20, I opened the first store four years ago in Richmond, filling a geographical gap left by the closure of a parts store in the area for a number of years. When I received an offer to purchase a second store in Valcourt two years later, I jumped at the chance. 

Could you tell us about your role as a young owner? 

As an owner, I strive to be as versatile as possible. My duties include overseeing a variety of general functions, including processing orders, service counter clerk, inventory management, employee management, administrative management, and store representation when we receive service requests from our workshop clients. We are actively working on the development of online sales of some of our products, and we are making every effort to launch this digital platform this year. 

What advice would you give young students or anyone considering a transition into the auto care sector? 

I would advise young people starting their career in the auto care industry to have confidence in themselves, even if they have not yet acquired all the knowledge of the trade. I also encourage them not to hesitate to ask questions as it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to quickly develop their knowledge in the field. 

Given how quickly the auto industry is changing, learning new things and improving one’s career are both ongoing processes. For instance, businesses in the auto care industry now have an opportunity due to EVs. There are so many new things to learn about, and we need to adapt to better serve customers. 

What are the main issues of the auto care industry in your opinion and how do they affect your daily life? 

My main challenge is undoubtedly access to data. For various reasons our search system does not always allow us to find the exact replacement part for maintenance or repair. However, as the client bears the financial implications, efficient access to this data is essential to enabling us to better serve the customer. Sometimes, a lack of knowledge forces mechanical firms to decline to repair the vehicle. 

What inspires you most about your work or the industry? 

My daily sense of accomplishment comes mostly from serving clients, imparting knowledge, and learning new skills when faced with obstacles to which I have no quick fix. I also take pleasure in watching the auto care sector develop and modernize. I often wonder what our industry will look like in the future, because there are certainly a number of changes to come. 

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