The importance of community: A conversation with Adam Malik 

January 16, 2024

Writer, editor, and auto enthusiast, Adam Malik is more than familiar with Canada’s auto care sector. Having been in the industry and its periphery for eight years, Adam Malik has found himself a community within the Young Professionals in the Auto care sector (YPA) and enjoys every opportunity to get together with the community to network, connect, and collaborate. 

Adam Malik, Managing editor of CARS, Jobber News, and EV World

At a glance 

Name: Adam Malik 

Job title and company: Managing editor of CARS, Jobber News, and EV World  

Years of experience: Eight years of experience in the industry 

Years in the YPA: Less than a year 

What inspired you to work in the auto care sector? 

I actually fell into it, left, and then came back. While working in trade media in the accounting and legal fields, a position opened up to manage A former colleague was working with a different publication within the same parent company. I emailed him to ask what he thought about me applying—if it was a good group and if I would be a good fit.  

He messaged back saying that he talked to the publisher, that she wanted me to send her my resume directly, and that I would basically be in. It was, fortunately enough, that simple. 

A little more than two years later, the same parent company created a new position with its insurance trade magazine that seemed to be a natural fit based on my past work covering accounting and finance. So, I left, but not entirely—insurance and the aftermarket are closely linked, so I was keeping in touch with some auto care folks, particularly those at AIA Canada. But the change happened over the pandemic, and I never got to sink my teeth into the insurance industry. The opportunity came to return to the auto care sector, and I have not looked back. 

This is a long way of saying that this great industry has a lot of wonderful, helpful, inspiring, smart, friendly people. I like calling it a big, small town. It is a huge industry but tightly knit, and there is so much happening here to keep you on your toes. 

You are involved in the YPA—what does it mean to you? 

I joined YPA because it is so important to connect and network—regardless of the industry. There are so many things you learn by networking, you meet new people, you become part of a community. And in an industry that is changing so, so much, being able to lean on each other and share knowledge is going to be absolutely essential. We also need to grow this network of young professionals in Canada. We have so many brilliant minds and we need to bring everyone together. How many potential members are we missing out on because they either do not know about the YPA or have not had the opportunity to get involved? We need to draw them in. 

What advice do you have for someone starting out in the industry? 

No matter the industry: Get engaged. Be part of the YPA. Be involved in your industry, join communities, and be part of associations and groups. Not only will you be helping the industry by sharing your ideas, but you also never know what opportunities you may find. You can grow your career exponentially by being more involved. Rather than just clock in and out of your job, get involved if you really want to see your career flourish. Just do it. 

About Turnkey Media Solutions Inc. 

Turnkey Media Solutions Inc. oversees the publication of four auto care brands: CARS magazine, Jobber News magazine, Inside Logistics magazine, and Turnkey Media Solutions strives to uphold the highest editorial standards and serve their readers first. 

About the Young Professionals in the Auto care sector   

Young Professionals in the Auto care sector (YPA) is an Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA Canada) community comprising of young executives, of 45 years or younger, in the Canadian auto care sector. They support the career growth of young professionals by expanding their network and assisting them in becoming a thought leader in Canada’s auto care industry.     


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