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Product Description

Data Awareness, Ownership & Sharing: Vehicle Owner Attitudes Towards In-Car Data

Most digital devices gather data about how, when, and where we use them. We’ve come to expect that from our phones, but what about from our cars?

Distilling the responses from 2000 Canadian vehicle owners, this report looks at what the average Canadian knows, doesn’t know, and wants to know about the data their vehicle collects.

You’ll get an exclusive look at where Canadian car owners stand on in-vehicle data:
  • What they know about the data their vehicle gathers.
  • Who they think should own their vehicle data.
  • Who they would share that data with.
  • How it affects their choice of aftermarket businesses.
With 49% of the respondents reporting that they would be more proactive in maintaining their vehicle if they knew more about the data their cars produce, having a clear understanding of what is important to their peace of mind is important to your bottom line.
Data Awareness, Ownership & Sharing: Vehicle Owner Attitudes Towards In-Car Data


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