Creating new foundational knowledge with Ethan Greenberg 

November 23, 2023

At Seamless Auto in Carleton Place, Ontario, Ethan Greenberg wants to be prepared for the future of the industry. Electric vehicles (EVs) are here to stay, and their technology is rapidly evolving, which is why, according to Greenberg, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve. After completing the EV Up-skilling course at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall, Ontario, part of AIA Canada’s Innovation in Automotive Training program, Greenberg is happy to say he now has that foundation, and his shop is ready for EVs to come their way.  

Ethan Greenberg

Co-owner, Seamless Auto

What interested you in this program?  

EVs are the future—plain and simple. They are not going anywhere whatsoever. So, my interest in this program was to do with the fact that I needed to know more about EVs and how to service and repair them. While EVs have not fully hit the automotive repair sector just yet, they will, and I need to be prepared for that. Rather than sit around and wait for non-EVs to come in, I want myself and my shop to be educated, up to date with technology, and be able to fully service EVs.   

Going into the program, I knew I needed to learn the safety protocols, what I need to be cognizant of when working on EVs, and in a nutshell, get as much information as possible.   

How was your experience in the program?  

My experience in this program was fantastic. Saifullah, my instructor, was extremely knowledgeable. Even though my fellow classmates had varying levels of knowledge and skill sets, he still taught it in a way that everyone was able to gain knowledge, not feel lost or overwhelmed—which for an entry level course, is excellent, and can be hard to do sometimes.  

What was the biggest learning curve?  

Overall, the biggest shock to me, or learning curve, was the time it requires to actually repair an EV. There is so much prep work to be done before you start working on one—I thought I knew this already, but this course really put it into perspective.   

For instance, when it comes to diagnosing a major systems issue, you cannot just tell customers to come back in an hour and their vehicle will be ready—it could take up to an hour just to prepare the vehicle to be worked on safely. You are not even working on the vehicle yet; you are merely getting into a space where you can do so safely.   

Fortunately, this course helped me lay the groundwork and foundation to create the strategy we need. Also, how we are going to mold our business for the future and how we are going to allocate time to repair and service EVs in a way that adheres to safety standards.  

How has your career changed since you completed the program?  

As of right now, business has not changed a ton. While we do work on EVs, it is mostly to do with tire changes and alignments. However, when it comes to in-depth repairs, the majority of EVs are still under warranty.   

That being said, though, when EVs are no longer under warranty, they will seek out local automotive repair shops. So, with this training, it has helped me prepare for the influx of EVs that will hit the automotive repair sector in a few years.   

Would you recommend this program to others looking to boost their EV skills?  

I definitely recommend this program. Businesses need it, point blank. Some people may think that EVs will not be around for a while, but the reality is, they will be. To stay in the automotive repair industry, people will need to have the foundational knowledge that this training provides. If not, people will just be standing around, waiting for non-EVs to come in for engine work, oil changes and the like. Eventually, they will slowly fade out and business will taper off.   

This program is the first step in the right direction when it comes to preparing for EVs.     

About the Innovation in Automotive Training program 

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada has partnered with Conestoga College, Fanshawe College, St. Lawrence College, and Plug N’ Drive to offer free training programs to develop new expertise and skills in the auto care industry. This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

The Innovation in Automotive Training program will include numerous types of training and up-skilling opportunities, such as EV Up-skilling and ADAS, which allows licensed automotive technicians and senior level apprentices to develop maintenance and repair skills relating to EVs and ADAS. 


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