Discover Canada’s new electric vehicle mandate and what this means for the auto care sector 

January 8, 2024

The Government of Canada announced its new Electric Vehicle Availability Standard, which mandates 100 per cent of zero-emission electric vehicle (ZEV) sales by 2035.  

The Electric Vehicle Availability Standard will be implemented through gradual phases, the first goal being 20 per cent ZEV sales by 2026, followed by 60 per cent in 2030, and finally, reaching the target of 100 per cent in 2035.  

According to the Government of Canada, moving to 100 per cent ZEV sales is the more affordable approach, especially with the rapid emergence of new technology.  

However, without comprehensive and federal right to repair legislation in place, this mandate may lead to detrimental impacts on the auto care sector, also known as the automotive aftermarket. ZEVs require access to comprehensive data points for repairs to be safely and properly completed—and as of now, this data is under control of the automakers, which limits who has access to it and under what terms. If independent auto care shops cannot access necessary vehicle data, they cannot properly service and repair the vehicle.  

Vice President of Government Relations and Research at AIA Canada, Alana Baker, spoke to BNN Bloomberg about this mandate and the impacts it may have on Canada’s auto care sector.  

Watch the interview now:

AIA Canada’s statement on the New Electric Vehicle Availability Standard 

Today’s announcement to transition to 100 per cent electric vehicle sales by 2035 is not complete without preparing and supporting the auto care sector to service, repair, and maintain the vehicles of today and tomorrow. Canada’s auto care sector, including independent service and repair shops, play a critical role in keeping vehicles on our roads.  

Adoption of EVs in Canada is contingent on supporting an ecosystem where these vehicles can be readily repaired and serviced. This includes ensuring increased access to vehicle data for the purpose of service and repair.  

At present, many automakers hold control of repair and service information on these vehicles, which can limit where consumers take their vehicle for repair. This eliminates competition in the market and will drive up costs for drivers who are looking to service their vehicle at a competitive price, close to home.  

Automakers themselves are already warning that a mandate to purchase electric vehicles will pose an affordability issue for Canadians. If right to repair is not addressed, this will leave vehicle owners with only one option: to service their vehicles at the dealership and face higher costs.  

The auto care sector cannot be an afterthought. Ambitious targets to transition to EV sales must be accompanied by comprehensive right to repair legislation that will ensure third-party repair shops have timely access to essential vehicle data. 

For further information on the impacts of the New Electric Vehicle Availability Standard mandate, please contact Alana Baker, vice president government relations and research, at

To learn more about the right to repair, join our advocacy efforts, and obtain resources, visit  


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