Building a career on confidence: Spotlight on Candice James

February 7, 2023

CARFAX helps people buy and sell used cars with confidence by accurately valuing the vehicle in question. Candice James, who has been with CARFAX for five years, thinks properly valuing your work/life balance is essential to long-term success. Finding that confidence to accurately value oneself is something she hopes to share with others through the Young Professionals in the Aftermarket (YPA) Committee.

Candice James

Senior national data acquisition manager, CARFAX Canada
Years in the automotive aftermarket industry: 5 years 

How long have you worked in the automotive industry? How many of those years are in the automotive aftermarket?

I come from an automotive family—my uncle has operated Chrysler dealerships for over 25 years—but I did not take the plunge until five years ago. After a year in dealer sales, I invested my time into business development and the aftermarket sector.

What company do you currently work for? What is your position?

I work for CARFAX Canada as a senior national data acquisition manager. We provide insights to millions of Canadians to make better decisions about vehicles, helping you buy, service and sell with more confidence.

In my role, I engage with industry leaders to bring them increased brand awareness, driving repeat business and optimizing their customer experience.

My career at CARFAX started in our sales department where I provided car dealers products that helped them earn customer trust by providing transparency to the buy and sell process and optimize profit by valuing the cars they buy and sell accurately.

My next move was to our business development team where I held the position of data acquisition specialist for dealer service. When CARFAX Canada prioritized the fast-growing aftermarket industry, I leaped to the opportunity of my current role focusing on aftermarket service in September of 2021.

Where did you attend school? What is the highest level of education?

I attended the University of Toronto and graduated in 2006 with a degree in political science and international relations.

Did you know you wanted to work in the automotive aftermarket?

No. In fact I was quite sure a career in automotive or aftermarket was not the path for me. I am, however, passionate about the development, scalability and growth of businesses. After operating several businesses of my own, I knew I wanted to further explore these areas in a corporate structure with a company that was rapidly expanding. After my first visit to the CARFAX Canada office in London, Ontario, I knew it was ‘home.’ I was intrigued by the culture, the aftermarket high growth strategy and business intelligence; the automotive world grew on me.

How long have you been part of the Young Professionals in the Aftermarket Committee?

I have been a part of the Young Professionals in Aftermarket Committee for two years.

What does your participation in the Young Professionals in the Aftermarket Committee mean to you?

Being a member of the Young Professionals in Aftermarket Committee has been a great opportunity to connect with other like-minded professionals and learn about the current state of the aftermarket. Since becoming involved with AIA Canada and the YPA Committee, I have met many wonderful industry colleagues and students looking to learn more about careers in the aftermarket and aligned with industry veterans as mentors.

What would you like to see us as a committee achieve in years to come?

In the coming years I would like to see the YPA Committee grow nationally and expand our reach with the younger generation bringing awareness to careers in the aftermarket.

Have you had an industry mentor? If so, who and why?

Favorably, I have had mentors both within and outside the industry over the years. The relationships are those in both leadership positions and peers that have impacted my personal development and professional. In actuality, many of my present colleagues and former have all played a role in supporting my development; it would be difficult to isolate one individual.

What is one of your proudest moments in your career so far?

One of the highlights of my career to date has been overcoming my stage fright and being a guest speaker and a keynote speaker in 2022. I am looking forward to following on this path in future years and provide value to our aftermarket industry colleagues.

What is one of the biggest and/or most difficult lessons you have had to learn as a young professional?

Establishing routines is essential to create high performance habits, increased productivity, my personal well-being, and most importantly work/personal life balance. I have learned success is not achieved in a singular moment but rather a collection of moments and routines, so it was critical to look at the long road and find the time daily for the things I love. You can excel at your career without sacrificing your personal time.

What advice would you give someone either starting in the industry or looking to transition into the industry?

Be inquisitive, network and build on those relationships. Your attitude and character will allow you to enter rooms that experience may not; believe in yourself and have the confidence you will learn and figure it out as you go. As you grow and continue to network, seek mentorship; but always be patient and kind to yourself.

A few last fun questions to get to know you better

Make and model of your first car?

Dodge Caliber

What are you terrible at, but love to do anyway?


Do you collect anything?


What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

An outdoor adventure

Where is the next place on your travel bucket list?


About CARFAX Canada 

CARFAX, part of S&P Global Mobility, helps millions of people every day confidently shop, buy, service and sell used cars with innovative solutions powered by CARFAX vehicle history information. The expert in vehicle history since 1984, CARFAX provides exclusive services like CARFAX Used Car Listings, CARFAX Car Care, CARFAX History-Based Value and the flagship CARFAX Vehicle History Report to consumers and the automotive industry. CARFAX owns the world’s largest vehicle history database and is nationally recognized as a top workplace by The Washington Post and

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About the Young Professionals in the Aftermarket Committee

Young Professionals in the Aftermarket (YPA) is an Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA Canada) committee comprising of young executives, of 45 years or younger, in the Canadian auto care sector. The Committee’s mandate is to ensure the future growth and prosperity of the aftermarket industry.


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