Taking a comprehensive approach to up-skilling and training with Danielle Grech 

February 27, 2024

Danielle Grech, licensed automotive service technician and service manager in Ottawa, Ontario, is eager to learn about the future of the automotive industry, especially with the emergence of new technologies surrounding electric vehicles (EVs) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). To ensure her business is successful as more EVs in Canada are on the road, Danielle enrolled in two trainings of AIA Canada’s Innovation in Automotive Training program: EV up-skilling and ADAS training. 

What initially interested you in this program? 

Going into the EV up-skilling and ADAS training courses my aim was to learn about what is coming up in the future of vehicle repair. I am a licensed technician and currently working as a service manager, so it is crucial for me to update my skills and to develop awareness of what needs to be considered before working on new technologically advanced vehicles. I needed to learn how the systems work, how the vehicles operate, how to diagnose them, EV battery technology, and the safety procedures required. 

How was your experience in the program? What did you learn that stood out to you the most? 

I gained a ton of incredibly useful knowledge, from both a technician and management standpoint. What truly stood out to me is the understanding of how to approach EV and ADAS repairs—such as safety requirements, the increasing need to perform research and to have access to proper diagnostic information, tools, and equipment. 

With the emergence of EVs in Canada and complex ADAS technology, shop time management will undergo significant changes. Both training programs have equipped me with the knowledge of crucial considerations and what to look out for, even before the repair process begins.   

Another key subject I learned is the importance of educating the customer about the entire repair process. Customers need to understand the value behind the extra costs of diagnostics, programming, and calibrations—among other hoops that repair facilities and technicians will jump through to repair the vehicle and return it with all the driver assistance systems operating as intended.  

Is this program helpful in terms of keeping up with the rapid growth of EV technologies? 

The material from the program is a very good aid in keeping me up to date in my career by demonstrating how EV repair and diagnosis will be executed and completed. Given the limited training and information in the current state of the auto care sector, this program equips industry professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to properly and safely conduct ADAS and EV repairs. Overall, it has helped me make more informed decisions and repairs and become a better manager and technician. 

How has your career changed since you completed the program? 

My career in the auto care sector has not changed since taking this program a couple of months ago—yet! I think my career will change when there is an increased mix of these vehicles on the road. This program made me aware of the changes, such as pre- and post-repair processes, safety precautions, and service bay requirements, how I need to prepare for them, and how to successfully repair and service EVs.  

Would you recommend this program to others looking to boost their EV and ADAS skills? 

It is certainly worth taking for professionals in Ontario’s auto care sector—not only for technicians but experienced individuals developing their careers in automotive service and repair. The advisors, service managers, and technicians will all need to understand these systems to excel in their position, and this program provides that. 

About the Innovation in Automotive Training program 

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada has partnered with Conestoga College, Fanshawe College, St. Lawrence College, and Plug N’ Drive to offer free training programs to develop new expertise and skills in the auto care industry. This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

The Innovation in Automotive Training program will include numerous types of training and up-skilling opportunities, such as EV Up-skilling and ADAS training, which allows licensed automotive technicians and senior level apprentices to develop maintenance and repair skills relating to EVs and ADAS. 


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